Sunday, April 22, 2007

Art Day, and other projects

This is an art journal page that I made Monday, in anticipation of tax day. Money and I have had an uncomfortable relationship, and this was an attempt to bring the whole concept some positive energy. In the past, my dominant relationship to money has been fear--now I choose to look at money as capable of having positive connotations for me through art.
On Thursday, my Shades of Black book arrived in the mail! I posted my b&w image of the chair earlier, now it is part of this beautiful book! The book is put together by Catherine Anderson, she makes the covers and designs the book. Usually, our books are 4X6, this is our first 6X6 book, all the pages are either black or white cardstock with our photo on the front, and a quote or poem or some writing about the theme on the back, along with our information.

You can see examples of my page, front and back, below. The book is very beautiful, the size really enhanced the photos, and the photos are all great! We will probably do more b&w books, as we all liked the format, and the experience of working without color.

On Thursday I met with my friends, Linda and Ruth, in Redmond for our monthly art day. Linda is a fiber and bead artist, Ruth is a bead and wire artist, and I am up for anything. We have made masks, shared our various projects, worked on fiber postcards, made ATC's, made fabric beads, and this week we decided to just bring whatever project we wanted to work on.

Linda made a necklace of African turquoise, copper seed beads, and some other complimentary stones, Ruth made wrapped silver wire beads, with embellishments of tightly wrapped copper, and some beads. Both of their projects were beautiful, and we talked about wire jewelry making, and a metal smithing class Ruth is taking at Pratt. We decided in May we will work on things with wire. I am excited to learn more about it, and I have a necklace to make with all of the charms I collected at AF.
The colorful photo above is the spread I made that day. All of the items on the pages (with the exception of the picture of the roller girl) were from a packet of goodies I received as a trade at AF. I had fun doing it, and I have no illusions that it is any kind of great art, but I think that is the purpose of art journals. I am finally starting to let myself just have fun and not think that it has to be anything more than a fun experiment.
I have been productive in these few weeks since AF, and I am glad.


Randi said...

Love this book!! Makes me want to do a whole black and white series.

Miss J said...

Great work, Gwen. What a good idea to have art day with your friends!

Librarian Girl said...

I'm a friend of Miss J's and followed you over from her blog, The Flying Pencil. Nice post, cool blog!