Friday, February 23, 2007

Art Play Day Yesterday

I am going to start over with this blogging thing! Healing and Balance are about my massage work, and Passion is art, for me, it might be something else for you. I also believe that healing and balance are things I am working to achieve in my own life. It is amazing to me how parallel my work in massage and my personal growth are.

I chose the name HealingBalancePassion for my private massage practice with the idea that healing brings balance to one's life and with balance comes the space to pursue one's passions. I have seen it happen in my patient's lives, and I have seen it happen over and over in my own life.

Balance is central, finding balance allows one to see how important it is to pursue one's passions, and not just dream about them. Sometimes (0ften) healing needs to occur before one can see the need for balance and the supreme importance of recognizing and actively pursuing one's passion in life.

Yesterday I learned that lesson for the umpteenth time, when I "allowed" myself to spend the whole morning at an art play day. I met with some friends and we made fabric beads for about 2 hours. It was so much fun, and so wonderfully creative--there is no wrong way to do it!

Basically, you wrap strips of fabric around cut drinking straws, securing the ends with glue stick, and then wrap fiber around the tube of fabric, and further embellish with beads strung on thin craft wire, also wrapped around the tube. The wrappings are what really secure the fabric to the straw.

I wrapped twenty-some beads with fabric, and did the embellishment on two of them. I lined up the wrapped beads on the table and discovered that they would also make an interesting addition, as is, to a collage or a fabric assemblage. Many more ideas were triggered for other projects!

That is the important thing about pursuing one's passion, when I actually DO IT, new ideas float to the surface and I am inspired to keep on finding the balance in my life so I can continue!

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